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Investment website redesign – unique content platform

Realized 2017

Ilustrační obrázek s textem - Investment website redesign – unique content platform


Nowadays we consume information on many different devices. When it comes to investment advisory services, we need information to be constantly available, up to date, easily understandable, and customizable.

The project objective was to create a new investment website at to gain new regular readers and expand the base of registered readers. All of this using modern responsive web design (RWD) compliant with the most modern parameters for the top news sites. We also faced the task of building a content platform that would be open to automatically reading of data from other sources while providing content for other systems as well.


We prepared a responsive website with a draft of the new structure and innovative elements. We developed dynamic use of the space for articles for various device sizes (mobile, tablet, and desktop) and added supplemental visual effects. We improved search functions and made content easier to navigate using categorization and dynamic tagging of articles; readers can now easily choose what truly interests them.

But it was the robustness and integrability of the content management platform was critical. Using an API, the CMS allows for stock exchange data and other types of data to be downloaded automatically. What’s more, this content can be shared.



We succeeded in creating a new modern content website that is accessible on all devices. Readers can easily personalize content according to their preferred topics right from the individual articles. At the same time we created a robust and flexible “Content Factory” for downloading and sharing content from external sources. We are continuing to improve the platform and helping make editors’ work easier.

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