Omni Energy Ltd.

Omni Energy is an energy provider in the UK. It focuses on prepaid energy (electricity and gas). We created a new website for the client to help them enter a new market.

Helping to improve the customer journey

As part of a remote collaboration, we created a front-end for a new website and customer portal for Omni Energy.

Thanks to the improved functionality, Omni Energy could acquire more customers than they had anticipated. The new customer portal also unblocked the customer service line and brought savings on customer support.

Front-end for Web Presentation

Rewriting the website's front-end and customer portal 1:1 from Liferay to Javascript.

Concept Smart Journey

Complete Smart Journey build including UX design and user testing on UK customers.

Front-end for web presentation

We rewrote the front-end of the website and customer portal 1:1 for the client from Liferay to Javascript (Gatsby, an open-source framework based on React).

Squidex was used as CMS, and the solution is hosted on the Netlify platform.

Thanks to Lundegaard's delivery, the Omni Energy portal is cleaner, faster, and completely responsive.

Thanks to the improved switch functionality, Omni Energy could acquire more customers than they had anticipated.

At the same time, the new customer portal has given the user more visibility into their data; the portal is more sophisticated, allowing the customer line to be unblocked and resulting in savings on customer support.

Concept Smart Journey

The second part of the delivery was in agile mode, aiming to create and implement the Smart Journey concept, including UX design and user testing with UK customers.

By building the Smart Journey, Omni Energy could reach an entire new segment of Smart Meter customers.

Headless solution with React.js and Node.js front-end, Squidex CMS and Gatsby, Netlify, Jest integrations.

"Their use of technology and quick and direct communication with the team was amazing."

“We were looking for the "A Team" consisting of top quality software developers and front end designers. Our need was to replatform / replace our website and to ensure that whatever we replaced it with could evolve with our company objectives. Our priority was time to market but adhering to our quality criteria. Both exceeded our expectations. The result of their agile delivery was an up to date solution based on a headless CMS with brand new react based UX design, with the first critical realease delivered in 10 weeks. Due to covid we did the whole project remotely, their use of technology and the fast and straight-forward communication with the team was awesome."

Charles Hewson, Head of Customer operations, Omni Energy

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