PPL, Partner of DHL Parcel

The European carrier PPL is one of the leading carriers in the Czech Republic. It belongs to the network of the carrier DHL Parcel Europe.

The company's growth is also linked to the need for fast and user-friendly online services in the new market. That's why we helped PPL with the start of its digital transformation.

Increasing the efficiency of digital channels

PPL, a Partner of DHL Parcel, is one of the most essential parcel carriers in the Czech Republic. It has been operating on the Czech market for 25 years and transports tens of thousands of parcels daily. However, during the last few years of meteoric development, their website and related digital services needed to be updated and a complete redesign regarding content, visual and technical aspects.

We, therefore, became their guide and partner on their digital transformation journey, aiming to offer customers the high-level digital services they expect from a leading carrier in a step-by-step process.

Digital Transformation Roadmap

We created a vision and strategy for PPL' s digital transformation, including a catalogue of measurable business benefits.

New Website presentation

The cooperation also included the complete design of the future website for communication with customers, which is optimized for all devices.

Track&Trace Web Module

A web-based app for tracking shipment status that handles information requests from shipment recipients and relieves call center workload.

Damaged Parcel Claims in a few Clicks

User-friendly online form for quick handling of customer complaints. In just a few minutes, use your mobile phone.

Interactive Map of Dispensing Points

Interactive display of the nearest PPL outlets using map data from Mapy.cz where customers can pick up their shipments according to their needs.

Cooperation on the Development

As strategic partners, we consult the client on further digital and online development at the B2B and B2C communication levels.

Digital Transformation Roadmap

We have developed a proposal for modernizing digital services, the so-called "Digi concept". This mapped the current digital state at PPL, defining the target state and a roadmap for digital transformation.

It also included a catalogue of expected business benefits, i.e. a set of business metrics by which we and the client measure the project's success.

New website presentation

We created a new presentation website PPL.cz for the client with a new information architecture, visual style, and complete design of the future website accessible from any device.

New communication channels like news, articles, notifications, and live chat offer a comprehensive information service. The customer service section is also newly developed to handle frequent customer requests.

It allows content administrators to make easy adjustments without requiring technical releases.

To implement the website, we chose the Liferay DXP portal platform in conjunction with the modern technology of the dynamic front-end library ReactJS.

Track&Trace web module

The new module for tracking shipments (Track & Trace) has been connected to PPL's internal systems, which enables detailed tracking of the shipment status and its history.

The user interface is fully responsive and allows users to track the status of their shipments in relation to email and SMS communication on their mobile phones.

Improved self-service for consignees and a better user experience has helped to reduce customer call center utilization.

Damaged parcel claims in a few clicks

We designed and built a user-friendly online form where the customer can conveniently fill in the claim details, take a photo of the damage and simply attach it to the claim form.

In just a few minutes, use your mobile phone. The result of the claim is propagated to the PPL systems and an email confirmation is sent to the customer.

The web application has delivered the desired benefits for both the customer - fast and user-friendly claim handling and for PPL - reduced labour and efficiency.

Interactive map of dispensing points

We have created an interactive map of PPL outlets for the client and its business partners, where customers can pick up their shipments according to their needs.

There are currently over four thousand PPL Parcelshops and Parcelboxes in the Czech Republic, and their number will grow to seven thousand in the next two years.

After consulting with the client, we chose Mapy.cz mapping materials and the React application to create the interactive map.

Liferay DXP in conjunction with modern technology of the dynamic frontend library ReactJS.

" Lundegaard's versatility helped us."

"The Lundegaard team helped us to sort out our priorities and set a completely new digital strategy for PPL. The joint implementation of the first project - the implementation of the new PPL.cz website and the key module Shipment Tracking, within a tight 10-week deadline, demonstrated the team's willingness and determination to see the project through to a successful release. Lundegaard's versatility helped us a lot, both in consulting, design and development roles, as well as in supporting our ICTO, or even organizing the synergies of all parties involved in the project."

Radim Hofman, CIO PPL CZ

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