Internet, mobile phones and other interactive media offer many opportunities to develop relationships with customers and business partners, improve productivity, implement business plans in shorter period or invest funds more efficiently. However, many of these opportunities still remain unused. Join us in finding the opportunities!

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Based on the principles of service-oriented architecture (SOA), the Systems Division offers customised applications and systems with web a interface (thin client) and meets security, scalability and easy future extensibility and maintenance requirements. We use JAVA (JEE), Microsoft .NET (C#) and Sharepoint platform as the main development technologies.

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We take e-business seriously

Through the Internet and mobile technologies, we help to improve and make your company grow. New solutions using such technologies open up new opportunities for your business, or customer relationships and care. Redeveloping existing projects and applications brings new benefits.

You can make use of the experience of both our divisions: INTERACTIVE - internet solutions, SYSTEMS - application and information systems development.


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We're always looking for people who are passionate about their work and love to explore and learn new things. What do people like working with us and what can we offer you?

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Web integration blog

Use of principles of IoC/DI in modern web applications or "you get what you need"


Inversion of Control (IoC - “reverse control)“ is a way of creating a program code when its required dependencies are set for it from the outside, by its environment which uses it instead of the program obtaining them itself or creating them itself. Programming environments (frameworks and application servers) implement support for IoC according to design pattern Dependency Injection (DI - „inserting dependencies“).

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