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Enrich your scoring models with a behavioural dimension

Ilustrační obrázek s textem - Enrich your scoring models with a behavioural dimension

Using the artificial intelligence algorithms, the platform helps in the following areas

  • 02-7-zvysovani-podilu-zadosti.svgIncreasing the share of approved service requests for prospective customers who are unfamiliar with the company.
  • 02-7-minimalizace-ztrát.svgMinimising losses by detecting the probability of default and fraudulent claims.
  • 02-7-personalizace-nakupni-cesty.svgPersonalisation of a customer's shopping journey and offer of customised services based on the use of Smart Features offered by
  • 02-7-zpresneni-riskovych-modelu.svgRefining existing scoring and risk models.

How does the platform work? collects a lot of data when filling in an online applications and puts them into context with other information from other sources. Using machine learning algorithms, it provides a real-time prediction score. Likewise, other valuable features, Smart Features, are provided in real time.

The product is designed for anyone who wants

  • 02-7-vice-sjednanych-sluzeb.svgMore agreed services without increasing risk
  • 02-7-obohatit-riskovy-model.svgTo enrich its risk model with another dimension
  • 02-7-personalizace-nakupni-cesty.svgAdvanced personalisation based on behavioural data
  • 02-pomahame-klientum-4.svgOffer customers tailor-made relevant offers

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