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Develop quickly and efficiently even over robust systems

Ilustrační obrázek s textem - Develop quickly and efficiently even over robust systems

Our experienced developers specialising in the React.js javascript framework have developed and published the React Union project as an open source. It is a set of tools and libraries supporting the development of modern applications over web CMS and other server-side environments.

React Union benefits

  • 02-5-rychlost-a-flexibilita.svgQuick installation environments, speed and flexibility of web application development over otherwise robust systems – we respond to business requirements.
  • 02-5-moznost-upravovat-aplikace.svgPossibility to constantly modify applications even when the development of the platform is stopped or muted (e.g. selection of a new platform, migration to a new version, etc.).

How React Union works

React Union renders HTML fragments that work with the application as a widget instead of the entire application.

Open source

We are constantly innovating and expanding the project with the help of the developer community. More technical information and source libraries can be found at

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