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Avoid downtime of your portal

Ilustrační obrázek s textem - Avoid downtime of your portal

A non-running website is like a closed store with a queue of people in front of it. It means a loss of money, customers and prestige. Identify your website's stability and performance issues before they occur.

Lifetrace is a comprehensive and at the same time transparent technical monitoring system not only for your portal, but also other support systems. It alerts you about any potential issues with stability, performance, response speed or other indicators in time and in context.

Lifetrace capabilities and benefits

  • 02-6-zpristupnuje-metriky.svgAccesses many metrics in a clear graphical form
  • 02-6-umoznuje-nastaveni-metrik.svgAllows quick metrics set up
  • 02-6-umoznuje-zobrazovat-metriky.svgView metrics in real time
  • 02-6-dava-moznost-dotazovani.svgAllows the possibility of technical inquiries about system status
  • 02-6-poskytuje-pohled-do-hloubky.svgProvides a deep insight into specific information
  • 02-2-Delivery-4.svgShows effects of changes after deployment
  • 02-6-bez-technologickeho-omezeni.svgCompatible with all major environments (Java, PHP, .NET, Bash, Go, Python, etc.)

Customised Lifetrace

At Lundegaard, we have a lot of experience in creating large portals. We will help you install and set up Lifetrace, prepare customised special reports and develop it with you in the long term.

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