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Don't make new customers go to the branch

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The KLUSTR Platform is a Lundegaard product that solves the problems of innovative ONBOARDING (acquisition and identification of new clients) and UNDERWRITING (evaluation of client creditworthiness including obtaining information from credit registers) as key activities in financial companies dealing with credit issues.

Where necessary, this product can be extended to include ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT solutions to cover the entire life cycle of a credit application.

When designing the KLUSTR Platform, we tried to capitalise on our more than 20 years of experience in designing and operating systems for financial institutions. Why the name KLUSTR? Here we have borrowed and slightly “modified” the general term, which in one of its meanings refers to the connection of more suppliers and institutions who are specialists in a given issue and together supply the end customer with a product and solutions with high added value.

The product is designed for a wide range of companies, primarily in these areas

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    Microloan providers

    An innovative way of identifying the applicant in accordance with the KYC (Know Your Customer) process and AML requirements, an efficient AFM (Anti Fraud Management) system and an easily modifiable application lifecycle management tool are the most common end-user requirements in this area.

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    Non-bank credit companies

    Typickým problémem je částečně či zcela zastaralá uživatelská cesta reprezentovaná vstupními formuláři či kanály pro získání nových klientů. Nový návrh uživatelského zážitku při pořízení žádosti nezřídka vyžaduje velké zásahy do informačního systému, které nejsou jednoduše realizovatelné. Nasazení KLUSTR Platform, který obsahuje předpřipravenou sadu řešení jak pro oblast front-end aplikací, tak back-office části systému, tento problém dokáže efektivně řešit.

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    Banking institutions

    The rapid implementation of the system with minimum integration requirements for banking systems enables the introduction of a new product and its viability in a real environment.

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    Other areas

    The KLUSTR Platform is also designed as an open solution that can be deployed outside the financial institutions. It includes particularly the Automotive sector (acquisition of new clients in the framework of requests for financial services such as operational leasing, car insurance or car rental services), Telcos (identification and pre-scoring of applicants for complementary services related to the telco segment) and last but not least Utilities (electricity, gas or other services of this nature).

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