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We have over 20 years of experience in designing, developing and managing web portals and applications.


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Web Project Concept

The concept is the basis for answering the questions of what, why and how to be produced. We respect Human-Centered Design. We think not only of human needs, but also of business goals and technological constraints. Within a detailed concept, we mainly deal with strategy, project objectives, target groups, information architecture, wireframes, prototypes and technical aspects.

Design System Management

By creating a design system, it is possible to create web and mobile applications many times faster and with a much smaller team. The design system consists of a structured set of components and principles that help teams create digital products faster. We help clients define these principles and rules, then create a catalogue of graphic components and oversee the maintenance and development of the design system.

Prototyping Web or Native Applications

We create interactive prototypes of future applications (websites). Professional tools allow for fast prototype preparation and multiple iterations. A client checks the functioning of the application on its mock-up, detects any shortcomings, can test its usability and gain valuable feedback at the early stages of the project before development begins.

Software Analysis and Application Design

Analysing the requirements for an information system (either a web application or a portal) is a tool for us to determine what specific solutions a customer needs. Based on this analysis, we compile a catalogue of requirements that the new system must meet. Within the analysis, we also identify the risks and assumptions that must be met for smooth implementation. The catalogue of requirements together with the assumptions can then be used for the evaluation of a tender, specification of an assignment for a supplier, and finally also for a validation of a resulting solution – i.e. whether it corresponds to the original requirements (UAT tests).



Web Front-End

The Lundegaard's front-end team works with a number of technologies and modern principles. Routine use inherently includes diverse and constantly expanding CSS3 technology. We have great experience in writing components using modern javascript frameworks React, AngularJS, Vue.JS and others.

Web Building and Copywriting

We provide deployment and subsequent operation of the web content management system (Web CMS). Web builders’ work also includes web structure management. They consult with UX specialists in the optimal way of transforming a design into a functional website, participating in its testing. We also help clients with copywriting by auditing existing content and providing complete content preparation.

Quality Management and Testing

We always sign our work. Therefore, quality control of delivered solutions is an integral part of every project.We test web applications (Java, .NET, PHP), portal solutions, e-commerce systems or mobile solutions. We work with different types of tests, such as unit tests, functional testing, automated e2e tests, acceptance checklist, technical SEO, stress testing of web applications or web security scan. Quality management covers the entire process of solution delivery – from design to operation to meet the client's requirements to the maximum.

Back-End Development

We have extensive experience in delivering solutions on all major web platforms: Java, Microsoft .NET, PHP, Node.js. In the area of Java, we rely on the Spring framework and its extensions. Backend services are made available using the REST API described in the Open API 3 standard. Unit and integration tests are standard for us. For larger solutions, we also apply E2E tests. In terms of integration, we have experience from proprietary systems, through SOAP and other web services to PSD2 (most implementations with Česká spořitelna). By using the abstraction layer over DB (Spring Data), we can serve all major vendors (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MSSQL and many others). We are not afraid to use non-SQL where it makes sense.

Project Management

When implementing projects, we choose both standard (waterfall) and agile (scrum) methods. But always to suit our clients and at the same time ensure compliance with the basic parameters of the project – time, budget and quality. We also provide external project management services. Our certified project managers (PMI, Prince2, Scrum) help with our clients' projects or management of third-party deliveries.


Operation and Service

SLA (Service Level Agreement)

At Lundegaard, we understand the SLA as a whole set of guaranteed services designed for the development of delivered solutions. We offer services focused on solutions, infrastructure and development support.


Solution operation is an integral part of the project. We offer hosting in several forms. Shared – suitable for smaller web solutions. Dedicated – we arrange the lease of a dedicated virtual or physical server, including the design of optimal “sizing”. Cloud – we offer the use of established global services (Windows Azure, Amazon Web Service).

Technical consultations

We provide our clients with technical solution consultation services, such as: audits, architectural or infrastructure design external examinations, design and implementation of highly available operational infrastructure based on dedicated physical or virtual (IaaS) servers, consultancy in the use of Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platforms, continuous integration process training, independent network service availability verification and more. In doing so, we pay attention to the added value and feasibility of our designs. These are not mere words on a page. E.g. In audits, we define a remedy plan with specific remedial steps. We are not afraid to take these steps by ourselves if the client so requests. We are a specialist in Liferay (Gold Partner) technology. We help set up tools to support Atlassian's development (JIRA, Confluence), with Jenkins CI's continuous integration tools and work with Git versioning systems.


Measurement and Improvement of Performance

Performance optimization

Starting a website or application does not mean the end, but the beginning. We'll set up website or application performance measurement (Google Analytics, Hotjar, A/B or MVT testing) to help us evaluate key metrics together. Based on this data and/or in conjunction with usability testing, we will propose changes to the interface to optimise business metrics or user experience.

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