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Ikona - Consulting


Find and seize opportunities in the world of digital transformation and ecosystems

We are a long-term partner and trustworthy advisor in the area of digital technology and opportunities for our clients. We focus on areas where we have practical experience and where we see a feasible project and business benefits. We bring a breath of fresh air to large corporations in strategies focused on digital customer expertise, product innovation and DevOps. We offer the SME segment experience and know-how from the world of large corporations, which are not usually available through expensive consulting firms.


Product Innovations and Platforms

We help identify new innovative challenges for existing business products, or define entirely new opportunities in the world of digital platforms and ecosystems. We are looking for ways to turn partners into customers, turn customers into partners, and drive these new models with the digital platform and technology. We prototype new ideas and quickly validate them on the market and with customers.


Front-End Strategy

How to implement agile development and set up front-end development tools and rules? As a digital front-end delivery company, we share the experience of building teams delivering new solutions to the market faster and with greater flexibility to change. With clients, we address challenges based in a uniform approach to all corporate front-ends and their harmonisation with the “slower” world of organisations' core systems (bimodal development).


UX Strategy and Building UX/DX Maturity

Focusing on the customer and delivering above-standard customer experience is a key competency for success in today's market. We help to define not only the ideal process, tools and methodology, but also how to integrate new processes and roles into the organisational charts of today's organisations often undergoing an agile transformation process. Our goal is to help build the “Design Experience Maturity” with our customer!


DevOps, Continuous Integration

Fast time requires fast execution and delivery of ideas and solutions to the market and flexible solutions of changes in the production environment. Fast (mode2) IT needs to respect the DevOps approach and use the principles of continuous integration and continuous deployment. We cannot only help our clients define the necessary rules and recommended tools, but we can also implement the relevant development environment into the company.


Fast Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We are intensively investigating the potential use of “fast” digital data and the possibility of artificial intelligence. Whether automated decision-making based on real-time machine learning algorithms, structured data extraction using NLP, or voice assistant capabilities. In this jungle of new possibilities, we will find the right mix of technologies and their interconnection for use in your real business process!

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