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We make life easier for your customers

Ilustrační obrázek s textem - We make life easier for your customers
What we are doing

Digital Customer Experience

74% of companies increase investments in technology and projects to improve customer experience (Gartner, 2020). We also believe that customer experience is the key to success in business, so we are constantly looking for new ways to make your customers' lives easier. So that they can address their needs quickly and from anywhere. Whether it is via the web, mobile phone, voice assistant or intelligent car.


Intelligence powered by AI

The volume of data around us is constantly growing. We can use them to develop your business. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to recognise customer behaviour in real time and adjust the services on offer accordingly.


Digital Platforms

Everyone would like to come up with a revolutionary invention that will change the world. But sometimes you just need to combine the right idea with existing technology. Even so, innovation can be done in a way to make life easier for people. In Lundegaard, we connect ideas and businesses with digital platforms. We oversee everything – from the vision, concept and architecture of the platform to the development of technological solutions.

We also handle the following areas

Bank identity – an opportunity to digitize

What can bank identity bring your business? We know everything needed in order to help you evaluate the opportunity. We propose solutions and provide integration from A to Z.

Learn more about Bank ID

„Screenless” UI & voice agents

The era of the screens is slowly coming to an end. People control digital devices and equipment in increasingly different ways, such as through speech or gestures. We follow the possibilities and have designed a user interface for voice control or intelligent chatbots.

Fullstack Product Teams

Today, so-called “full featured” vertical teams are an effective organisation for delivering projects and products. We can assemble and deliver a complete team, armed not only with developers, but also with tools, agile development methodology and roles as a business analyst or product owner. Last but not least, we deliver development and representation to such a team.

Acceleration instead of outsourcing

It is important to have key digital competencies internally within the company. We will help you develop these competencies, arrange them into teams, set up processes and implement the necessary tools. Our common goal is to build with you a competency that will serve as your competitive advantage.

Fast data & AI

We use artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to create business applications that process large amounts of data in real time. We have built using behavioural prescoring methods.

Open banking

We combine our great experience in building digital solutions with detailed knowledge of the financial sector and provide advice on the selection and deployment of modern open front-end platforms for customer banking systems.


We will help you navigate through innovative methods of developing digital solutions built on so-called low-code platforms. They enable not only prototyping but also production launch of new digital services very quickly and efficiently. Develop 7x faster!


We can build, deploy or migrate web solutions to Amazon or MS Azure cloud platforms. We are already building new systems such as cloud first/ready solutions.

Platform / ecosystem design & architecture

In collaboration with you, we will verify and develop ideas on how to engage in today's non-linear ecosystems and build a potential platform in them. We use proven methodologies, such as the Platform Innovation Kit or our experience shared with consulting firms such as Gartner.

Custom Products and Platforms

KLUSTR: get customers without going to a branch.

We have built a brand new innovative platform that will ensure complete digital on-boarding of the customer. More information Enrich Your Scoring Models with a Behavioral Dimension

Using the “behavioural prescoring” methods, the application makes the evaluation of clients' creditworthiness more accurate while filling in the online application and at the same time enables a change in other services on offer immediately. More information

React Union: develop quickly and efficiently even over robust systems

Under React Union, we have developed and published as an open source a set of tools and libraries supporting the development of modern applications over web CMS and other server-side environments. More information

Lifetrace: Avoid downtime of your portal

The Lifetrace tool monitors production online channels in detail and prevents any downtime. More information

We also build on these technologies and tools

The world of technology is very complex and constantly changing. We are geeks, constantly trying new things and testing the latest developments. We then offer our clients proven technologies, innovating in their combinations and new agile project management approaches.

Front-end: client

React, Angular, React-Native, Boostrap, React Union, TypeScript, jQuery, Android, iOS, Windows, Sass, Less, CoffeScript, Kibana, ember, Mustache

Front-end: server

Apache HTTP Server, Apache CFX, Spring, Liferay, Telerik, Node.js, PHP, SharePoint, .NET MVC, Gatsby, Nginx, OSGi, Nette, Squidex, Memcached, Solr, Apache Tomcat


GraphQL, .NET, JavaEE, Apache Camel, JBoss Fuse, Kafka, WebSphere, GrayLog, ActiveMQ, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kotlin, RabbitMQ


JBoss, Windows Server, debian, JavaEE, .NET, doctrine, CentOS, Docker, Redhat Linux, Hibernate


PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, mongoDB, MariaDB, SQL Server


JIRA, Bitbucket, Confluence, Miro, Apiary, Git, Slack, InVision, Sketch, Axure, Hotjar, Swagger, Google Analytics, Google Cloud, GitHub, Less, Sass, PHP Storm, Web Storm, IntelliJ Idea, Eclipse, NPM, Maven, Apache Ant, Gulp, Yarn, Gradle, Apollo, CoffeScript, Katalon, PractiTest, sonarqube, SoapUI, Selenium, GrayLog, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Composer, Chef, Jenkins, AWS, Kibana, Grafana, ElasticSearch, Nexus

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