Wroclaw Medical Plant - 3M Intranet Site
Wroclaw Medical Plant - 3M Intranet Site
Wroclaw Medical Plant - 3M Intranet Site

Development of a communication intranet for the 3M factory producing healthcare products in Wroclaw, Poland.

15. 11. 2012
Client: 3M

Maja Winogrodzka

Manufacturing Development Coordinator / 3M

We started this project because we wanted to create sort of a 'business card' for our manufacturing plant in Wroclaw.

It was a rather nonstandard task both for 3M and partly also for Lundegaard (product catalogue part) and despite this fact it was successfully accomplished with a lot of fun - at least on our side :)

I enjoyed very much working on this project and am very proud to share the link within the 3M community.

Description of the solution

The project was divided into three phases:

  1. Home page, announcements, about plant, org chart
  2. Process catalogue – including administration interface
  3. Product catalogue – including administration interface

First phase was realized in accordance with the accepted graphic design shortly upon receiving the materials from the client. We have employed our long term experience with creation of websites based on the 3M corporate standards.

As a part of the second and third phase, we conducted a thorough analysis of client requirements to avoid the necessity of later adjustments of application logic and database architecture. The materials were provided in the form of MS Excel documents. Several adjustments to the original data were made during consultations with the client.

Database structure was subsequently created and agreed upon data was uploaded. This was followed by development of the presentation and administration interface of the web application. For handling the data, MS SQL and XSL technologies were used. Presentation is handled by CSS and JavaScript. During the development, the following points were emphasized:

  • Separation of the application code from the presented data.
  • Intuitive administration interface allows editing, adding and removing processes and products.
  • Data entry validation prevents loss of functionality caused by input of erroneous data.
  • Utilization of existing corporate user rights management system allows administration interface access to certain users only.
  • Minimum server load. Computationally expensive operations required for data presentation are performed on the client.
  • Data is stored in the 3M database and available for use anywhere in the corporate intranet.
  • URL structure independence prevents relocation issues.
  • Reusability of the solution for other plants with similar product or process presentation needs.

The solution was built using the WebSphere Portal (IBM), FatWire Content Server (Oracle) and SQL Server (Microsoft) products.

Project objectives

The goal of the project was to create an intranet presentation of 3M Medical Plant in Wroclaw, Poland. The website should provide information about the history of the plant, the organization structure, manufacturing processes and product portfolio. The products may be distributed directly to consumers or internally within 3M. Support of the internal sales channel is the primary goal of this project. Due to the constantly evolving portfolio, some of the plant employees are required to update and add information in certain website sections without having to edit the actual markup. The solution was built on 3M EWCD (Enterprise Web Creation & Delivery) platform which does not provide the usual content management system functionality.


Project was internally tested, passed quality assurance and was handed over to the client for acceptance testing in September. User training at the client site in Wroclaw was conducted beforehand to ensure users are familiar with the administration interface.

The client finished testing and accepted the project by the end of the month. Complete presentation is currently live on the intranet servers. Contents of both catalogues are completely under control of the authorized client employees.

Used services

Web Front End
Web Front End

Web Front End

Software Development
Software Development

Software Development



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