Source Reservation

Zentiva has introduced a new source reservation application.

15. 8. 2008
Client: Zentiva

Tomáš Louček

IT Project Manager / Zentiva

Your application for the reservation of sources has helped us organize and well arrange the existing reservations of conference rooms and lounges and related services.

Description of the solution

Specific requirements for the application: Make the records of source reservation and related services more effective. Accelerate the reservation filing process. Make it maximally user-friendly including the possibility to display GUI in multiple languages. Limit the authority to reserve sources only to persons according to the authorities stored in the Active Directory. Allow connecting other devices and clients to the information on reservations via web services.

Project objectives

The objective of this project was the development and implementation of the application for the reservation of sources (rooms, conference halls, cars), including booking related services (catering etc.). The application keeps the records of sources available in various locations where Zentiva is active and also it allows authorized persons to file applications for reservations. The approving process is a two-stage process and each reservation is subject to approval by an appointed competent person.


On the basis of Zentiva’s requirements, we have chosen a solution built on the MS .NET 3.5 platform using other technologies and products such as Windows Server 2003MS SQL Server 2005, and IIS 6.0. The client part was implemented as a Rich Internet Application (RIA), using our framework in the Flex technology.

Application layers

  • The RIA (Rich Internet Application) alone provides interaction with the user.
  • The application section providing the function section and communicating via web services.
  • Data storage including stored procedures. Sending e-mail notifications.

The implementation has met the set requirements and it allows a quick and easy reservation of sources. The development was completed upon deadline and within the set budged.

  • Open system with the possibility of its further extension according to customer’s needs – next phases already planned.
  • Access via the Internet browser without the need to install special software.
  • Well-arranged and intuitive user interface.
  • Multilingual application environment.

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SW Analysis and Design

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