HelloNet - intranet in 4 months

Project objectives

The purpose of introducing the new intranet (called HelloNet) was to promote rebranding  of Cetelem to Hello bank! within the company. In addition to the new design and conversion to Liferay platform, was also one of the objectives of increasing Intranet users‘ engagement.

The new intranet is the main gate for Hello bank! employees when searching for necessary information about the company. Good overview, appealing and functional design, fast response and the ability to easily manage a large amount of content were therefore key pillars in the implementation of this solution. Similarly, the goal was to bring colleagues closer and provide them with a centralized place for communication.

Description of the solution

The Intranet solution was delivered on Liferay 6.2 platform, used across BNP Paribas Group. The intranet is built as the main internal communication channel that not only providing basic information about the company, but can also be used as a platform for information sharing among employees, departments, and for bottom-up communication, or for contacting higher levels of management. The portal is linked to Activ Directory server including Single Sign-On with Kerberos user authentication, NTLM protocol, and centralized user data management propagating to the portal and enabling to search the intranet as a phonebook. Likewise, there are sections for sharing information of non-working character, advertising, discussions and some practical information, such as restaurant menus in the neighbourhood of individual branches. The whole solution is run in two language versions and is ready for further development within the region.

The project required integrating data from both internal proprietary solutions (management and staff roles in the organizational structure) and external endpoints connected via REST services.

HelloNet - intranet in 4 months


Initial requirements gathering and analysis gave the necessary foundation for a new graphic design was in this project. As part of the implementation phase, the technology scope and implementation was specified based on inventory of requirements, with the goal of maximizing the use of standardized Liferay applications. The intranet Content was not migrated, but rather a new one was created, fitting it onto the new platform and visual form.

HelloNet! intranet was launched in June 2017, after just three months of development and a month of tuning and preparation of the production environment, including handover of the work to the customer. It was thanks to the potential of Liferay that this quick implementation was possible. At the same time, the platform meets the demands and expectations of a modern solution integrating both internal and external services.

The new intranet environment has been welcomed thanks to the integral part of the internal communication team and the high-quality communication campaign that led to its launch. The Intranet is therefore widely used and its future development is also planned.

„We had a brand new HelloNet intranet in a four months’ time.“

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