GPIM Tool – application for work with more than 30k products

Project objectives

The project's goal was to help managers in various parts of the 3M Group to work better with internal product databases, and to present them in an organised manner to a wider audience.

Description of the solution

We analysed what product information end-users will need for their decision-making. We also looked for the ideal technology to display outputs on any device - desktop, tablet and mobile. Following this, we built a web application on Spring Boot technology. We used modern JavaScript libraries of React framework for front-end. The solution was carried out from design to delivery.

GPIM Tool – application for work with more than 30k products


The result is an internal web-based management tool for easier work with the 3M-product portfolio. It is a tool called GPIM Tool (Global Product Inventory Management Tool) drawing data from various sources (confusing and large Excel spread sheets), displaying them in a web application. Linked products can be readily searched for and filtered based on a number of attributes and then sequentially browsed. Bulk reports can be exported to CSV format and then you can work with them. The application worked with more than 30,000 products at its launch.

The application works with more than 30 000 products in a streamlined manner.

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