Development of corporate banking platform Business 360

Project objectives

The goal of the open platform was to establish a user-friendly interface for corporate clients of Česká spořitelna, where they digitally interact with the bank, with the feel of coming to a branch.

Description of the solution

The solution is based on consistent separation of the presentation layer and business logic behind the API. The presentation layer was developed using modern and "light" technologies built on JavaScript, HTML and CSS, s using Angular framework. Lundegaard played the role of a Front-end Factory. The user interface was designed and tested in close cooperation with Česká spořitelna’s UX team.

Development of corporate banking platform Business 360


Business B360 provides an open base for future expansion of the platform for the needs of Česká spořitelna’s corporate clients. Key emphasis was put on all available activities being user friendly and clear in the way the data is displayed.

The platform currently provides basic financial information on account transactions, market data, and business data. The platform uses state-of-the-art front-end technologies and, thanks to its openness, allows for additional functionality from both by the bank and external entities. Using both České spořitelna‘s and third parties‘ webAPI.

Lundegaard helped us design and implement a unique solution that helps address everyday needs of our corporate customers. The goal was to simply and clearly display the most important information about their company in one place, i.e. typical banking services showing the transactions in corporate accounts, as well as an overview of what is currently happening in economy or how are doing in comparison with competition.

Jan Dachovský

  • Project Manager

Modern "light" front- end technologies.

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