3M optimization of online campaigns

Project objectives

The aim of the project was to effectively promote a new professional product for Pentamix Lite dentists. Emphasis was placed primarily on making the product brand more relevant to the target audience. At the same time, we focused on generating contact with prospective customers on the target site. We were also assigned to promote the Oldest Pentamix community event and the Filtek Ultimate product in the concurrent campaigns.

Description of the solution

The main expected issue for such specialized products was targeting and differentiation, so we prepared a competitive analysis that has helped us to define the actual USPs (Unique selling proposition) of the product and several targeting options, which we tested in the first stage as to maximize campaign returns.

First, we tested several slogans to see which of them were the most attractive ones for this product. Then we focused on testing the banner forms to get them to efficient networks and with the right targeting. "When optimizing, we, for example, found out that most dental and health themed websites with our banners in the regions used, are blue and violet – as much as our banners. The way out was to change the colours to make the banner hard to miss, and thus multiply the click-through rate to banner areas" says Jakub Churý, head of the Digital Analytics & Performance at Lundegaard.

3M optimization of online campaigns


With the comprehensive optimizations, enabling us to test suitable slogans, banner forms, ad networks, and targeting options, we've managed to increase campaign efficiency by 230% - as measured by click-through rate (CTR) and return of investments (ROI).

We managed to increase our campaign efficiency by 230%.

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