– new service, new web application

Project objectives

The aim of the project was to create a new digital business channel enabling individuals and companies to choose and send an enquiry online regarding car operational leasing.

Description of the solution

We set up a joint team with ALD Automotive, which was to integrate an application showing the customers a clear overview of the offer and allowing them to query the specific configuration of the service in a simple way in the existing ecosystem.

In the framework of the analytical part, we focused on the use of existing data and documentation of offered vehicles so that the customers can get enough information to choose a vehicle without having to search for further information from other sources.

Following this, our UX specialists and graphic designers prepared a prototype and graphic design of the application. The resulting design is naturally prepared to meet the responsive design, following ALD "brand identity" while being "fresh" and modern.

The actual solution is implemented with .NET, React and operated in Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. The team also paid due attention to data security. Microsoft Azure, where the data is stored, meets high security requirements, including all security certifications approved by Czech legislation. The website uses encryption /data encryption, running in HTTPS protocol. – new service, new web application


By integrating the data from ALD Automotive applications, the customer can choose from a wide range of vehicles on There are both new vehicles and nearly new ones offered in advantageous deals (e.g. vehicles returned after a two-year lease). UX experts and graphic designers tuned the web so that the selection is easy, intuitive, and the customer can easily pick and send an enquiry from their desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

We wanted to have a new sales channel made. So we decided to have one that would fit our digitization strategy and agreed on the set up and team who would execute the solution. I was excited to see the results and the actual deployment and launch of the application. The designed solution has met my expectations and went beyond them in many aspects. We have a universal tool for clients from individuals to businesses, where everyone can compare different offer option, and print out the finished quote without ALD having to intervene. We have gained more room for follow-up customer care. Linking to other ALD applications is very beneficial and greatly simplifies preparing quotes and facilitates communication with our clients.

Svatopluk Pražák

  • Product Manager

Data integration from other company applications into web application.

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