Java developer

Do you have passion and enthusiasm for Java? Do you enjoy working on diverse projects, especially for large companies in the semi-finance, logistics or energy sectors and are you looking for a team where you feel hey?

There are 15 of us at Java - from juniors passionate about BE to seniors with years of experience. We can no longer do everything on our own and are looking for reinforcements. We are constantly learning and working with the latest technologies. Between projects, we advise and help each other and if you like to lecture and present, you get the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with others as part of our internal training.

Lunde Tech Stack

  • Must: Spring Boot (Spring, Spring framework), JPA (Hibernate), REST, jUnit (unit testing) Git, Maven

  • Should: Swagger (Open API), Docker, Mockito, Spring Data

  • May: Soap (WSDL), Spring Security, Spring Cloud, Microservices

  • Nice to have: AWS, Azure, Gitlab, Jenkins, Kubernetes (K8s), Apache Kafka (Kafka), RabbitMQ, Kotlin, GraphQL, gRPC, Mongo, Gradle

Projects you can work on

  1. A digital microservices platform for brokering and selling services. Contracting from paper to fully digital form. Based on Spring Boot, we expose public REST APIs for consumption by our own frontend, graders or partners, we integrate to third-party services (person identification, political screening) and internal systems by calling REST or even SOAP services, we handle the performance of the whole application using K6 to ensure the smooth running of the system.

  2. Customer portals and client zones. The solution is based on Liferay 7.2 or the latest Liferay 7.4. We prepare innovative components for content managers (calculators, branch maps, content aggregators). In addition to the portal, we are also developing an integration platform for unified connection to internal banking systems, or we are involved in extending the existing solution, most often in the form of a Spring Boot application with a REST interface.

  3. Collaboration tools for data analytics - general workflow for management, comments, messaging, "likes", gamification. This project has everything you are looking for. A service platform based on the Spring Boot ecosystem, a non-trivial implementation of a dynamic model where Hibernate is no longer sufficient, deployment to AWS including develop, significant performance requirements for the entire application, and seamless integration.

What can we offer you in return?

⌛ Flexibility - whether you want to work full remote, have a partial home office or visit one of our offices (Prague, Brno, Hradec or Košice) - we support working from anywhere.

⚖️ We value an agile culture and openness. We promise to work in a team where everyone has an equal say and every good idea is heard.

📚 Personal development - we'll be happy to send you to a conference, training or workshop that will engage you and take you a step further.

🍀 Company culture #live_lunde - you can find out how life at Lunde is perceived by our colleagues on our Atmoscope.

💻 Powerful HW, or you can use your own.

🖖 You'll find a cool bunch of people who like to meet up in their free time. See for yourself on Instagram.

🇬🇧 English courses - group and individual.

🍻 Jerry's post on joint activities with colleagues - we strengthen team spirit.

🖖 Teambuilding, breakfasts together and other events of our Lunde community.

🏃 Multisport, as well as company sports challenges.

We create inspiring backgrounds, with the fresh startup spirit and long-term stability.

If you're interested, get in touch!

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