Web Integration

A high-quality implementation of a web-based project requires involvement of a wide range of competencies: designing a strategy, designing UX, developing, testing, deploying, servicing and improving performance. We are great at getting the right mix of specialists with these skills and sorting out the project first class. Join us to get this service!

What is Web Integration

The term web integration refers to the process linking the outputs of all the activities and components needed to implement a web project as a whole.

Web Integrator

A partner, who guarantees the sponsor that the project will be carried out in accordance with the set out specifications and ensures coordination of all necessary activities, is a web integrator. A web integrator is the main point contact point for the contracting authorities managing the whole project.

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Webový integrátor

Digitální agentura

Systémový integrátor

Web Integrator’s Role

A project is no ready-made product, but rather a turnkey service. It usually concerns a long-term cooperation that affects business processes and is therefore key to the company. We are talking here the relationship at the level of the strategic partnership between the contracting authority and the web integrator.

The Web Integrator coordinates the work of all the people involved in the project, and often delivers some or all of the web solutions (from design through development to operation).

Web Integrator’s Role

How Lundegaard Can Help


Does the project involve other partners or more of your internal teams?


Does the project require a strong project management with greater emphasis on the formality and methodology used?


Will the project include specific functional units requiring software engineering practices?


Do you plan further development and do you require a guarantee of response to your requirements?


Is/ will the solution (be) critical for you and require guaranteed supplier availability and response?


Are you considering linking your internal or third party systems?


Do you require your project to provide structured data to your environment?

Need a Web Integrator?

If you answered yes to at least one of the questions then you should look for an experienced partner in web integration. We have been dealing with integration projects since our beginning. Lundegaard has experienced teams with expertise across all web integration disciplines. A strong project management team can handle major projects, either with modern agile methodologies or sequential "waterfall " methods. We have experience with implementing multiple project delivery systems - Multi Vendor Platform (MVP). And most importantly, we like complex challenges and enjoy finding the most appropriate solution for a particular goal.

More about web integration on our website www.web-integration.info

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