Digital Transformation

Switching to digital technologies has a major impact on all company processes. It brings flexibility and the ability to react more quickly to change, which becomes your competitive advantage. You win if you fully go for it and you will continuously innovate.

Co je digitální transformace

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation means a fundamental change of the transition to digital technologies in all aspects of human behaviour. When talking business, it translates into all company processes, from sales and customer care through internal communication, company operation, recruitment, and work with employees as well as other areas of the company.

Lundegaard Helps Get Companies Ahead in Digital Transformation

Our vision and daily bread and butter are to help companies prepare for the digital future. Since 1997, we have been helping guide companies through digital change, we track development in digital industries as to see how technologies shift, through which we enable companies to see things in context, in a clearer and timely manner. We are a strategic partner, delivering solutions across industries from concept, development, to deployment and operation of digital platforms.

„All we do is make businesses more efficient along with making people’s lives easier.“

How It Affects Us


Corporate Culture

New ways of communication and new working practices place great demands on employees as in the ability to learn quickly and adapt to changes. Transformation to digital technologies has to go hand in hand with corporate culture change.


Customer is the King - Speed, Independence and Comfort

Customers these days can purchase products, set up services, or set up the parameters from the comfort of their home. What experience the customer gets decides whether the customer purchases goods and services from you or goes to your competition.


Effectivity of employees’ performance

Digital technologies speed up communication, make decision-making easier, and make it possible to work remotely. Employees can then spend time working on activities developing business.


Flexibility and reaction speed

Digitization and automation of processes will give the company more flexibility and ability to respond better and faster to changes in the industry and society in general.



Digital transformation is a continuous process. Companies have to constantly innovate to keep their customers as well as their employees.