Web portal

Web portal

Online services help customers maintain contact with you while making their life easier. Making personalized information available in the client zone or other unconventional content – such as a product catalogue with options of ordering and monitoring its course – are just a few of the many possibilities. Check out our references and get inspired 

Such web sites, that provide information to targeted groups of users originating from internal or external systems of the operator on the basis of their identity, can be considered as portal solutions. These are sufficiently powerful and robust solutions which allow the further smooth development of portals and eventually covering the increasing demands on performance and new functionalities.

What web portals most frequently offer:

  • Central access to information otherwise stored in a decentralized manner, i.e. integration with internal and external data sources,
  • Options of content personalization for target groups of users (e.g. clients, partners, employees) at the required level of security,
  • Active user integration,
  • Uniform method of logging in and user records (SSO - single sign-on),
  • Strong search core able to include all sources of information,
  • Strong operating platform allowing the full operation and development of the portal, providing tools for easy management (Liferay, CMS LARS VIvo, Magento),
  • Support for a variety of client platforms (Multichannel - communication) and the ability to exchange data in a structured format,
  • Appropriate information architecture supporting the determined objectives of the portal and enabling a clear and user-friendly presentation of large amounts of information.
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We place emphasis on:

  • High quality portal concepts (purpose, target group, providing information and proposal for beneficial online services and functions)
  • Proposals for related e-business processes (data flows and content lifecycles, including the design of responsibility for their updating)
  • User friendly information architecture and control


Performance and safety

Performance and safety are the alpha and omega of each portal. Our proposed solutions must handle high loads - such as the Prague Airport website when a volcano in Iceland erupts.


The web portal is usually designed with a life-time of four or more years. Throughout the expected life-time it must be prepared for new requirements - both to integrate new features and to modify its appearance.


The web portal is not isolated in the Internet from the environment. It is the source of data and information for other systems and it takes data and information from other sources. Therefore, we place emphasis on the integration of the portal with the outside world, including securing the required performance and safety.

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