Web applications

Web applications

We have extensive experiences with the development and maintenance of systems and applications based on the client-server architecture and using a web browser for its operation. We have addressed Web Application Development from the very beginning – analyses of requirements and the solution proposal, followed by the development and of course, the solution development including guaranteed maintenance services.

Applications are delivered on PHP, .NET or JAVA platforms with a strong emphasis on the front-end part of the development.

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  • Emphasis on the user experience (UX)
  • Strong front-end
  • Integration with other systems


Business submission

We are able to understand the needs of a company and to design a solution that will be both functionally adequate and user-friendly.

Cooperation with IT

We can handle all necessary developmental and operational issues with your IT department. We understand the rules for the deployment and operation of applications in corporations.

Agile development

We have experience with agile development, which has proven itself with the design of web applications and their subsequent development.

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