Mobile solutions

Mobile solutions
Mobile solutions
Mobile solutions

These days, when access from mobile devices prevails over traditional desktops in a number of segments, the mobile solution is a natural and essential part of any online service or application.

During the building of a multi-channel strategy we always design and implement the most suitable way of how to ensure the maximum user experience on mobile devices. We always think about the typical mobile use scenarios - whether it's a responsive web, a specific mobile web or a native application.

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  • From a responsive web to the native application
  • The optimization of the user experience - the mobile context is more important than the equipment
  • Online and offline scenarios


Responsive and mobile web

Today, using RWD (Responsive web design) technologies is considered standard, which ensures broad applicability across a large range of mobile devices. Today, the options of HTML5 today are such that even very specific functions can be implemented without the need for native development of a particular platform

Native applications

For a number of scenarios the native application is still the best solution, whether due to the high security, leveraging hardware or intensive and repeated use. We are able to develop and deliver consistently operating applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms, always with an emphasis on the specifics of the given platform and its environment.

corporate mobility

Today, mobility is not just the domain of end users. We implement solutions to support corporate B2B or B2C processes, support the sales force and field service management. The use of corporate mobility offers great opportunities to increase revenues or reduce costs for companies.

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