The Intranet is a part of broader technological perspective that reveals how such information, communication and knowledge technologies can assist with the implementation of knowledge management in your company. The Intranet experiences dramatic and rapid development and expansion in comparison with other technologies.

The Intranet is a broad term that each company perceives differently. The Intranet is a perfect environment for sharing information, supporting its dynamics, interconnection and effective use. It is a working tool supporting collaborative and cooperative linkages and the productivity of various activities. Briefly, it is a main gateway to the corporate know-how and use of information.

Our role is to help companies find its meaningful use. Pursuant to a thorough analysis, we propose solutions that ensure the positive acceptance of this technology by staff, its rational use and expected results. In our concept, the Intranet is a long-term living and working technology for each healthy company.

According to the primary targets we implement intranets primarily on the basis of our CMS LARS Vivo system or on the Liferay or Microsoft SharePoint platform or appropriately combined or supplemented with such communications services as Yammer.

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  • Support of modern forms of content, interaction and video
  • Elements of social networking and user content
  • Emphasis on high quality searching


Standardized agendas

Many agendas appear in a similar range of functions in a number of the intranets we implement. Thanks to this we are able to quickly deliver basic agendas, such as organizational charts and contact directories, workflow and approval of contracts or customer documentation, electronic forms, order forms or resource reservation.

Modern trends

Intranet is not just about landing page with twenty boxes and hundreds of links. Modern intranet is intuitive, visually attractive and supports interactions among users and their collaboration. It enables free communication, sharing and content created by users. 

Intranet governance

Increased emphasis is being placed on quality care proposals for the future development of the intranet so that it is sustainable in the long-term and does not become a dumping ground for outdated information, unused by anyone. Clear goals, publications, roles and the method of ongoing training and checks are the key and they need to be designed and maintained from the beginning. Everyone has to know where to find things, where and what they share and what they are responsible for.

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