Incerasing of Sales and Customer Acquisition

Incerasing of Sales and Customer Acquisition

Customers get acquainted with companies through so called "Touchpoints". These are physical locations (stores, branches), company representatives (sales staff, sales reps, service technicians) or remote contact (customer service line, web). Touchpoints can be considered also all other situations where a customer encounters a service or product of the company (advertising, use of the product itself, etc.).

Nowadays it is digital contact points that play the key role. Their importance grows in the younger generations, who use digital channels naturally - we talk of so-called "digital natives ". As a result, we live in the age of customer. Customers now expect to be able to purchase a product or set up a service as swiftly and effortlessly as they are used to communicating with their friends, i.e. in just a few clicks. Finally, they choose a business they will have the best digital experience with.



Direct Sales

We design and implement solutions supporting the whole or part of the digital environment sales process. From generating leads, through customer support in decision making, preparation of documents to the actual conclusion of the contract or the execution of the order.


Partner Network Development

We produce solutions providing a partner or distribution network with all the support needed for self-service or automated solutions. These are information portals that are aimed at sharing sales and support information towards partners. We also make self-service portals, enabling partners to perform activities without vendor’s intervention.


Support of Sales Network

We make solutions for internal and external sales agents to expedite and automate sales activities with the customer. This includes the immediate execution of orders or contract signing.

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