Electronic biometric signature

Electronic biometric signature

The electronic (or also dynamic) biometric signature is a hot topic of this time. It is used by a number of financial institutions in the Czech Republic and many others are currently examining the idea of deploying this technology. The biometric signature allows the inserting of a handwritten digital signature into an electronic document, containing not only the representation of the signature, but also its hidden, unique dynamic characteristics and individual features. Documents signed using electronic signatures handwritten and thoroughly secured against tampering are materially and legally equivalent to the classic signature and the documentary document provided with it.

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  • The foundation stone in building paperless processes
  • Future of signing
  • Within a few years it will become the standard


Accelerating and securing processes

Currently more and more companies are getting rid of their dependency on paper documents and moving toward working with electronic documents. However, to arrange for certain services it is usually necessary to sign an agreement, which has hitherto prevented the full digitalization of the whole process of arrangement. The dynamic biometric signature eliminates this last barrier and allows using all the benefits of electronic documents while maintaining most of the benefits of traditional signatures. The fully automated process shortens the execution of a request from days to minutes and, provides greater security and resistance to human error.

Benefits of the BIOMETRIC signature

Since it is still a handwritten signature, the dynamic biometric signature preserves (unlike other electronic methods) the time-proven benefits of "paper signatures":• It is always available

  • Cannot be lost
  • It is not transferable
  • Cannot be used (created) unintentionally
  • The psychological effect of a commitment
  • Introduced evidence

Cost savings

In addition to saving paper and the computerization of the purchase process and all the documents, biometric signing also enables eliminating many routine tasks and associated costs. They include:

  • Sending paper documents by post / courier
  • Converting paper documents into electronic form (scanning, insertion into DMS, ...)
  • Physical archiving of paper documents

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