E-commerce is a method of managing business activities on the Internet. It connects a range of disciplines, activities and tools that enable the implementation of sales activities via the Internet and other digital technologies. At Lundegaard, we understand e-commerce as an extensive issue and we take all its aspects into account during the design and implementation of the project.

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  • We consider the business performance of the proposed and supplied solution to be crucial
  • We place emphasis on security. Solutions are subject to security audits
  • We provide high availability solutions as well as their reliability under a heavy load


Direct sales of financial products

At Lundegaard, we have extensive experience in developing sales solutions for financial services providers. We focus on the selling part including integration with the internal systems of clients. Concerning the area of sales, we apply continuous improvement of the entire sales process in order to strengthen the business results of on-line sales.


E-shops are a separate internet discipline. At Lundegaard, we focus on the design, implementation and subsequent operation. We can help improve the conversion and the user-friendliness of the e-shop.


We place emphasis on the user-friendliness of all our solutions, regardless of what device the end user is working on. We help with the analysis of user behaviour and suggestions for further development of the delivered solution.

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