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Multi-vendor management

Are you dealing with development with multiple IT vendors?

  • How to set rules and responsibilities across processes (assignment, development, code writing, commissioning, and operation itself)?
  • How to ensure smooth running and checkpoints of set processes (“Multi-Vendor Governance”)?
  • How to deal with communication between us and vendors?
  • How to accept and take individual deliveries?
  • How to avoid dependence on a specific vendor?

What do you get with Multi-Vendor Management?

  • We will prepare a complete cookbook for you: processes and technological standards
  • We will help you implement everything effectively and ensure compliance with the rules
  • We will pass on our know-how, including documentation

Process setup – top project management

  • Complete methodology for managing multiple vendors, from assignments to resolving complaints
  • Proven rules for cooperation of individual vendors (development, launching, operation)
  • Proven guidance on how to outsource work to multiple IT vendors and integrate their outputs
  • Detailed procedure for testing and taking related supplies from various IT companies

Proven technological standards – detailed documentation

  • Sophisticated conventions for writing code and producing “cross functionalities” so that developers do not get lost in the code
  • Definition of standards to ensure that a current vendor can be followed up by others at any time
  • Finished basis for tenders
  • We will help you with tools for automation and development support, including but not limited to the following areas:
  • Code management
  • Application building
  • Version management
  • Configuration
  • Automation – elimination of possible human factor errors

How we set up Multi Vendor Management in Moneta Money Bank


Moneta Money Bank requested the creation of a company-wide portal on the Liferay platform. With the participation of several different vendors, our own IT team and agile methodology (scrum of scrums).

The aim was to set up cooperation between all vendors and the contracting authority so that there was a clear division of responsibilities with no friction, which makes the whole project more expensive and jeopardizes its success. A typical example is when one of the vendors is in charge of creating a certain module and another one modifies it later.

Solutions and outputs

Lundegaard, which set up multi-vendor management, brought a solution to Moneta in the form of:

  1. Multi-Vendor Management – we have created a detailed documentation of the management of the entire group of vendors, which can be followed up by anyone in the future. We continuously revised this methodology and supervised its compliance (governance).
  2. Know-how – in the form of consultations, we passed on to Moneta Money Bank managers rich experience in managing the environment with multiple vendors. So that they can manage other projects or internal processes themselves or delegate this management to any selected vendors.

Moneta Money Bank has significantly saved costs on the project of the company-wide portal through the correct management of vendors, has a methodology at its disposal and can apply it to current or other projects.

Successful implementation of Multi-Vendor Management: