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Lundegaard attended EMEA Partner Summit 2019 in Milan as a Liferay partner.

We Attended EMEA Partner Summit 2019

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Last week, Petr Buchbauer (Head of Delivery Management) and Jan Kabát (Key Account Manager) attended a Liferay Partner Summit, where Lundegaard was traditionally invited as a Gold Service Partner.

Petr and Jan met with representatives of Liferay from both the EMEA region and representatives of the company management. Among other things, they shared their experience of working with the Liferay platform with colleagues from the rest of Europe and made new contacts for possible international cooperation. The main point of the summit was the presentation of the roadmap of all Liferay’s products for the upcoming year and a half, and introduction of the partner programme. We got a lot of useful information, such as how Liferay aims to target its products and what options they are going to offer to its partners in the next year.

We are happy we could participate in the summit and take in all the news, which we are already excited to introduce to our clients and apply them to the solutions we build.

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