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Digitization in the Czech Republic will jump into the new millennium in 2021. Thanks to the banking identity project, of which we are a partner

We are a partner of the banking identity project, which will significantly contribute to digitization in the Czech Republic

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Banking identity is a project that concerns everyone in the Czech Republic who uses internet banking; which, according to the Czech Banking Association, is 97 % of people connected to the Internet. It has the potential to make life easier for all of us, specifically online contact with the government administration and also the use of online services of private companies.

A key role in the launch services company plays Bankovní identita a.s. founded the three largest banks. It is surrounded by partners who follow the development of the project from the front line and will be ready to help companies that want to use the services of banking identity.

One of the partners of Bankovní identita a.s. is Lundegaard. Thanks to this, we are ready to help the private sector identify, evaluate and take advantage of the opportunities that the banking identity service will bring.

In the words of our founder Petr Bartoň: "Banking identity is a huge opportunity for many Czech companies to move forward in digitization and get closer to their customers. It's a digital solution that really makes people's lives significantly easier. "

However, it is not clear yet how banks will behave towards the private sector. Bankovní identita a.s. is trying to unify the banks' approach, but so far it does not seem to be that simple. At the same time, companies will need one entity to ensure that their banking identity works well for all their customers. Lundegaard monitors these negotiations and especially the upcoming technical solutions from the front row and we are ready to implement a banking identity for our clients into their "en bloc" services, whether the banks agree or disagree in any way.

We believe that thanks to the launch of the banking identity, services that require reliable and secure identification will probably change during this year, which is why it has been difficult or practically impossible to offer them online so far.

What services it by us can relate to, you can read the article BankID: opportunities for Czech companies and experience from abroad

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