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We introduced our new product KLUSTR Platform.

Digital Café: KLUSTR Platform

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This time at Digital Café we introduced to our customers KLUSTR Platform - our loan platform. Lundegaard Digital Café is about regularly meeting with our clients in friendly atmosphere over coffee and good breakfast, while talking our experience in the digital world, presenting case studies, teasers and live demos.

The theme of our May’s Digital Café was KLUSTR platform, which represents an innovative solution to the complex process of providing loans (and related products and services). We showed the clients through a live demo how credit process can be handled completely online, quickly, economically and safe with our state-of-the-art technology.

The platform addresses the issue of " onboarding " (acquiring and identifying new clients) and "underwriting" (evaluating the client's creditworthiness, including acquisition of information from credit registers). If needed, the product also provides account management and thus covers the entire life cycle of product’s credit issues.

To conclude the event we introduced our new customer pre-behavioural scoring product, which is being developed by Lundegaard’s Fast AI team.

Thank you for the fruitful discussion sparked by the presentation and we look forward to meeting you at one of the next Digital Cafés.

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