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Insights and impressions from WebExpo 2019.

What Caught Our Attention at WebExpo Conference 2019

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Our employees have participated in the WebExpo conference for several years. Now, they will share their insights and impressions with us. The programme of this year's conference was rich once again. A total of 70 speakers spoke, which provided a wide choice of topics. Honza, Martin and Zuzka chose facilitators they found the most exciting and the recordings of which they definitely recommend watching.

Honza Procházka (Director, Digital Solutions & Consultancy) recommended three talks:

“The talk by Inna Kerzman (from @Retention) was interesting. It dealt with the topic of onboarding customers, but above all their retention and transformation into regular and paying customers. I really liked the idea of not lying to customers, or promising anything unrealistic for free and starting to charge for the service (paywall) only after the customer has experienced the "value" the service provides to them. There are still a lot of online services that do it a bit wrong, promising endless "free trials", yet demanding your credit card details first thing, if you want to give it a go." Video link.


*“It was very useful to see how a very small change in a text can have a big impact on business. I would like to thank Adriana Rybárová (@digitalant) for specific examples, such as how changing the text from “Start YOUR trial” to “Start MY trial” can boost conversion by tens of per cent. Measuring and finetuning texts is important, however, their creation must be integrated into the first steps of UX designing and prototyping. No more “lorem ipsum placeholders” in demonstrations for clients or customers!" In our company, some of us have been focusing on microcopy for a while. What about your teams, do they already have their "UX writer"? "* Video link

“The talk by Ashley Benigno from Fjord Trends, was one of those that open your mind a little and move the perception of world 5-10 years ahead (and not only in the digital world), which was excellent. I related most to one of the seven points (check out about the necessary fusion and merging of the digital and physical worlds. I believe that only clever and in the everyday life almost “invisible” use of digital, data and technology can make people's daily lives easier and better. It's not just about retail and Amazon GO. We can find it in housing, workspaces or even in improved medical care." Video link

Martin Kadlec, Front-end Developer, liked most Samuel Snopok's talk, but he also recommends some other topics:

“WebExpo started with the funniest talk on How To Bullsht Your Way To Number 1 (Oobah Butler) or how to get a non-existent restaurant on top of a London TripAdvisor review, or a made-up fashion brand Giorgio Peviani to Paris Fashion Week.”

“For me, as a football fan, the talk ‘Move’ (Petr Skala) addressing the graphic redesign of the television broadcasts of the Czech football league was very interesting.” Video link


“It took time, but in the end, I was happy to have watched it :) - Let's Animate The Web Without The Headache! (Samuel Snopko). At last, live coding and animation demonstration via Vue.js and Lottie library. For me, one of the best talks.” Video link


“In his talk Beyond Aesthetics: Why Do Ugly Websites Work?, Jan Junek aptly broke down previous talks about animation and stressed the importance of creating websites to the liking of their users, not designers. Lots of interesting practical demonstrations were included.” Video link

“I heard 3 talks by Vitaly Friedman and they were all perfect, including useful and funny demonstrations. For me, definitely the best speaker at the conference.” New adventures in frontend 2019 edition Bringing personality back to the web Designing and building with privacy in mind


“Finally, I recommend the talk “Love and Hate of Brand and Design” (Jan Šrůtek & Christian Barnett). It is a witty dialogue between the 'objector' and the 'advocate' of innovation design.” Odkaz na video

Just like Martin, Zuzka Rychlá (UX Designer) recommends the talks by Vitaly Friedman and the talks about other interesting observations:

“Make Your Marketing Memorable with Visual Storytelling (Jessica Gioglio) was very interesting, even if useful mostly for marketing. However, one of the first sentences that stuck in my mind is also important for UX: “Stories spark emotions. Storytelling combined with visuals is where the magic happens.” Video link

“Another topic that caught my attention was Aesthetics vs. Credibility by Jan Junek. If you are looking for a camera review, would you watch at YouTube a beautiful professional video, or rather quite an ordinary one, made by an average user? It is no surprise that most people in the room opted for the latter. If a visual is too beautiful, it can give the impression of advertising, and unfortunately advertising is not the same as an honest review.”

“I also visited the ‘Discomfort zone’: It was a perfect experience of ‘going by the beautiful T3 coupé tram’; we discussed and decided the future of humanity. I enjoyed the 30 minutes very much and I am also kind of proud that our group was able to choose one of the few good ends for humankind. :)“

As every year, the conference was beneficial for our teams, although the developers complained a little that most of the topics were focused on UX rather than on development as such. We will see what the organizers will prepare for us next year and we will certainly offer you our short recommendation what not to miss again.

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