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Online identity verification and digital signing with BankID. Webinar presentation.

Ilustrační obrázek s textem - Online identity verification and digital signing with BankID. Webinar presentation.

BankID news under the lens: digital signature and expanded AML

    On 21 October, a one-hour webinar took place for anyone interested in how BankID will improve customer online onboarding.

    1) The first speaker was Marek Růžička, CEO of Bankovní identita, a.s. He shared fresh updates from the world of BankID and outlined what is coming and when. He cited the number of unique users who have activated the service (about 4.5 million people) and the number of those who have already used it at least once (more than 500,000). He also revealed that more than 60 companies are currently using BankID and more are in the pipeline.

    His presentation will also show the results of a survey summarizing experiences with introducing bank identity abroad. It states, for example, that:

    • up to 70% of services are sold outside the opening hours of brick-and-mortar stores
    • call volumes to call centers have dropped by 30%
    • costs for onboarding clients have fallen by 20-90%

    2) Ondřej Dvořák, PM&I Director at CRIF, described how AML/KYC processes can be handled on the digital journey with BankID and gave examples of situations he has encountered in practice. He compared "minimal AML" vs. the broader KYC context.

    3) Václav Novák, Digital Identity Consultant at Lundegaard, explained and demonstrated how digital signing will work with BankID and how to integrate it into customer "onboarding" processes. He focused on areas that do not handle BankID in itself and the need for this to be taken into account; he also shared his experience with the SME onboarding solution for a service from (Dotykačka).

    The presentations can be viewed at this link: VIEW PRESENTATIONS

    The webinar was organized by Lundegaard consulting and technology company as part of its Lundegaard DigiCafé series in cooperation with Bankovní identita, a.s. and CRIF - Czech Credit Bureau, a.s.

    The media partner of the event was the economic online magazine

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