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6 things your client zone should have

6 things your client zone should have

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The era of customer lines and brick and mortar branches is coming to an end. People want to have an overview of the ordered services and handle their requests anytime and from anywhere. Already over 40% of customers today prefer online self-service to personal contact when communicating with companies, and this number will only increase. At the same time, 55% of customers consider most online client portals to be too complex and confusing.

A well-designed client zone is interactive, fast, user-friendly and personalised. At the same time, it offers users more than just an overview of the history of orders or invoicing. It must be simple and clear; otherwise, clients will not use it and will go to the competition that will offer them a better user environment. A well-designed client zone significantly increases customer retention, supports upsell services and significantly saves on customer support and back office costs.

So how do you make customers fall in love with your portal? We have 6 tips for you on how to turn your website into a fully fledged online branch thanks to modern technologies and our experience:

1. Define your business goals

Always start with the purpose of the client zone and set your priorities. Focus on them and hone them to perfection. Add more features gradually based on secondary goals. For example, do you need to relieve a congested call centre? Build an intelligent guide or bet on voice-controlled chatbot solutions.

2. User Experience

Acquiring a customer is often many times more expensive than maintaining an existing one. Large investments by companies are often aimed at improving the user interface of acquisition digital channels – how best to convert a visitor to the company portal into a customer. Equally important, however, is that the customer experience with the service part of the portal, i.e. the client zone, is perfect. Measure customer behaviour in the client zone, test new features, and don't be afraid to ask customers for feedback.

3. AI and personalisation

Personalisation today goes without saying. The most frequently used functions should be within reach of the customer, and offers of new services should support upsell of existing services, etc. But take it a step further – use real-time data processing methods. Create tailor-made offers based on customer behaviour directly on the web with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) learning algorithms.

4. Scalability and robustness

Are you creating a client zone separately for your local branch? Do you estimate the number of visits and use of the zone in 10s, 100s or 1,000s? On the technical design side, look for a platform that allows you to scale the zone on the performance side and add additional language versions, or you can use the already built infrastructure to build a client zone for other branches or subsidiaries of your company. Consider a robust digital experience platform solution, such as the Liferay portal solution.

5. Flexibility

A robust chassis for the client zone does not necessarily mean that changes initiated by business needs will be lengthy and expensive to implement. From a technical point of view, we will give an example of the fact that it is possible to use modern programming frameworks, which can be used to quickly create, deploy and change web applications, regardless of the portal solution over which these applications run. At Lundegaard, under React Union, we have developed and published an open-source set of modern applications and libraries that enable this rapid development.

6. Product, not project

From the beginning, it's a good idea to look at building a great client zone that your clients will love as a product, not a project. A product is something that you are constantly developing, improving, getting feedback from your customers and re-embarking on its facelift. Learn the methods of agile management. Do not be afraid to try new things. Measure and evaluate everything honestly. Turn a static and old website into a useful service that is constantly able to reach your customer.

And what does the application of these recommendations look like in practice? At Lundegaard, we have already helped the following companies with the development of the client zone:

PRE: A third more visitors to mojePRE

We were part of a project to develop a new web portal, including its client zone mojePRE. After the redesign, the website traffic and at the same time the use of mojePRE increased by a third.

CETELEM: Tens of thousand customers use the client zone

Lundegaard has been a partner of Cetelem in digital transformation since 2000. We provided the client with strategic consultancy at the level of process creation and product ownership, visual and UX processes and designs, product prototyping and testing. In the field of IT, we helped Cetelem with the integration and continuity of systems. We have developed new ESBs, including webservices, created and tuned the front-end for a range of digital channels. And an integral part of the entire digital transformation was the construction of the client zone.

ALD AUTOMOTIVE: We have taught clients to manage their vehicle fleet online

We have tweaked the myDriver application to make it as user-friendly as possible. In addition, we have added some useful features to the general public to expand its use. The result was a significant increase in application usage among customers.

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