What Was DevCamp 3.0 Like?


Like every year, this year we made another work-sports trip, which was held again in Hojsova Straz in the Bohemian Forest from 4th to 8th of June 2016.

The third DevCamp (read about what happened at the first and second one) was highly focused on our new product Liferay, which is a worldwide enterprise application with a wide range of supporters, and members of the community, serving to create portal solutions.

Since we have recently included this product in our portfolio we set the main objective of this DevCamp for our team of developers to get more acquainted with this popular platform, as to learn about its main advantages and limitations, and to get basics of Liferay under their skin.

DevCamp 3.0 organization was logically assigned to our two recent reinforcements - Jiri Kadlec and Ales Rybak, since they have most Liferay platform experience out of the whole team. Therefore they were valuable mentors and advisors for all participants during the entire DevCamp.

Jirka and Aleš stand behind Delej-portaly.cz recruitment project and they are constantly looking for new colleagues in their team. So if you use Java and want to build portals with the best of the best, feel free to write to / call us!

Our entire team of fourteen members was subdivided into several smaller teams that have independently started working on projects that make use of Liferay.

Each of the teams has learned what it is like to develop portals based on Liferay from scratch. We managed to prepare very promising bases for several projects during this DevCamp, and validate the proof-of-concept.

Our developers tried out not only working with web development, but also sitebuilding, and working on administration, through which they found out that all of them could easily handle working with Liferay.

The mission of each DevCamp is not only about learning, getting better at what we do and moving programming to the next level. It is also about getting closer with your colleagues in relaxed atmosphere. And that’s why like every year, this year we also enjoyed having some beers and doing barbecue until late.

Unfortunately, this time we misjudged the thirst of our participants who ran out of their beer already the second day of the camp. Some them resolved the situation by regular trips to the nearby Inn ...

To conclude, it is worthwhile saying that this year’s DevCamp 3.0 was very fruitful (not only concerning food); but it was also fun. t served as an excellent teambuilding, making it easier for developers to get working with Liferay under their skin.

What is more, we managed to maintain a great team spirit throughout the DevCamp, and the team was feeling absolutely relaxed. Besides this, you can judge for yourself from the below observations of the participants that this year’s DevCamp was simply fantastic!

What DevCamp 3.0 participants say about the event?

@Jiří Kadlec: "DevCamp 3.0 was my first opportunity to meet developers at Lunde and come up with something along with them. Our team had a difficult ambition, to adapt Liferay and deliver the first portlets to an intranet portal solution.”

Although for some members the portal meant a leap into a completely new technology, they got to grips with this task extremely well. Our morning's efforts were made up by regular evening foosball, with beer and time in a luxurious Jacuzzi. Despite our challenging evening agenda, the team had a very good morale, and simply got down to work when needed! This DevCamp helped us start off well for the development of the portal. I look forward to more. "

@Aleš Rybák: "For me personally this DevCamp was mainly about two things; and it was perfect for both. The first bit meant for me integration into Lundegaard team, because when this DevCamp started I had been at Lunde only for two days.

Besides mastering the basic formalities, I managed to get an idea of where the basic systems are run, and how to make email work. I must say that this target was met. The gang was really good from the human point of view. I like Lunde a lot in this aspect - technically there are really talented people and enthusiasts on the team. I feel these people can achieve great things, and from the human perspective you can see that it is here about camaraderie and feeling good.

The second thing was to find out how the developers handle Java and portals, as that is what primarily I came to do here. Hand in hand with this was to prepare a technical hotbed for the upcoming projects. And I must say that I had not had such intensive nerdy fun work for a long time - we prepared the necessary things, looked into new matters, and matched them as needed. The team went on working hard despite some pitfalls. And even though the result did not reach the pre-defined goals, I was leaving happy. I'm looking forward to the follow up work. "

@Tomáš Plecháč: “ The third in a series of work-informal offsite get-togethers followed up, in my opinion, along the theme of the previous DevCamps in all its aspects. Fruitful topics revolved around the development of Liferay platform and JS frameworks, which led us to rich and never-ending discussions, along with work results not only during the day time in the mountain air, but also in the evening at the barbecue, and even at night in the hot tub with high-quality pilsner beer and Moravian wine.

Naturally, there were also less technical activities - in the form foosball tournaments representing the Liferay platform team and the JS frameworks team. DevCamp is becoming a Lundegaard tradition that is necessary to maintain, develop and refine. We are already planning our next stay that is to be equally epic. "

@Jiří Bok: „ DevCamp 3.0 was for me an interesting insight into the world of Java with the focus on Liferay platform. I also had the opportunity to get acquainted with some (to me new) design patterns, which are used in building portal solutions based on Liferay. In terms of acquiring new experience it was pleasant broadening of my horizons. In addition to programming, we also participated in other (socially pleasant) activities - such as doing barbecues. It was certainly well spent quality time."/em>

@Martin Fejes: „I went this year for the first time, with great anticipation, as the event itself is very popular at Lunde - combining work and pleasure in a nice environment of Sumava sounded good in itself. Add to it the excellent team of people, barbecue, beer, hot tub, sauna, table football, trampoline or even playing those great classics on the DOSBox emulator.

This is a perfect recipe for a completely serene peace of mind, coming from all around. We talked, had drinks, worked in a team, learned a lot of new and interesting things, and tried out various technologies (Angular, React, Liferay). There was no chance to be bored. I'm glad I was able to attend this DevCamp, and I look forward to the next one."

What Was DevCamp 3.0 Like?
What Was DevCamp 3.0 Like?
What Was DevCamp 3.0 Like?
What Was DevCamp 3.0 Like?
What Was DevCamp 3.0 Like?
What Was DevCamp 3.0 Like?
What Was DevCamp 3.0 Like?
What Was DevCamp 3.0 Like?