What unites us at Lundegaard and what we believe in


If you have been going on full power for long it is a good idea to stop for a bit and have a think WHY and WHERE you’re heading. This is what we are doing now at Lundegaard.

We have been assisting companies with digital projects for over 18 years at Lundegaard. We have passed a few important milestones, and we are passing another one right this moment. Along with GrowJob team we have started a project of common values that define our corporate culture.

We have kicked of the project at a common event this week:

„Even though there is a number of similar companies that are past their search for distinction (as a matter of fact the search is never over) I believe it’s never too late to try to figure out what makes you different, “ Ondřej Fatka, the company partner, describes the project.

„In our case it is a natural reaction to our development phase, which got accelerated last year, as well as the extremely competitive IT market and change in perception of key values on the today’s job market, “ Ondřej adds.

Lundegaard is a people based company, and we want us all to be on the same page. Ondřej describes it as follows: „It is clear as day that motivation paradigms (prospective business success in consulting and technology industry world based on smart individuals) have recently radically shifted, and who doesn’t follow this change is out of the game."

We know it won’t be easy, it may even be painful, but we are sure it is going to shift us closer to each other, closer to our clients and at the same time it is going to shift us ahead. We are excited about it!

„You can stay attractive only if you find a strong distinction, which draws together a crew of people who naturally share such particular values, “ Ondřej Fatka concludes.