WebExpo 2018 - We Talked about React - Union


This year our people actively took part in WebExpo conference. Here is a sum up.

Our experienced front – end developer, Tomáš Konrády, gave a talk at the conference on the new approach of writing web front – end. He introduced project  React – union, which Lundegaard offered to the wider public as an open – source project. Tomáš pointed out, in particular, the specifics of development for CMS such as Liferay and explained how we use React – union in these solutions. He closed the presentation by showing a live demonstration on WordPress.


There were various topics talked at the conference. And as it happens, some presentations were interesting and beneficial, some weaker and too general. We’ll share our impressions from the perspective of our front – end developers’ eyes, Kristyna, and to add one more perspective, from the standpoint UX designer, David.

Impactful Storytelling for Innovators and Disruptors (Susan Lindner, Emerging Media)
"Fellow-colleague anthropologist gets a credit from me for an inspiring example of ‘a one dollar shave club story’, referring to Bronislav Malinowski."

"A very interesting person to listen to, with a motivating life story and explanation of how important it is to convey information right."

Measuring the Value of Design (Douglas Powell, IBM)
"IBM is going through a truly huge and interesting breakthrough from a purely technical firm to a company that takes design seriously (their CEO has become a strong ‘believer’). Impact of design is very hard to measure (eventually, they hired an external company), ratio of 1:8 (1 designer to 8 developers), which to me seems still too few."

Design Systems at Scale (Rich Fulcher, Google)
"The phrase of “Design is never done" stuck with me, which are very current words - Lundegaard will host Design Systems Digital Cafe in October, where we will deal with it in more detail."

Enterprise UX: Harder, Better (Běla Beránková, Honza Valder, jsme.design)
"Insights about introduction of UX and process design into a large bank environment (Moneta Money Bank), a nice sum u,p also of what can be done wrong, along with drawing a large parallel between corporates and state administration."

Microcopy: Your Users Will Fall in Love (Kinneret Yifrah, Nemala)
"Simply explained topic with practical examples of how to be better in communicating with users through better UI texting."

Web in Easy Mode (Ondřej Žára, Seznam.cz)
"Introduction to WebGL and its performance did not have to stop at easy mode only."

Does AMP Make Sense for Our Websites? (Martin Michálek, Vzhůru dolů)
"I did not know much about the topic, so I found it interesting."

People & Algorithms: Building Al-Driven Features That Don´t Cause Harm (Val Head, Adobe)
" Practical examples of what impact AI can have and how people perceive it."

To conclude, other participants’ comments:

"Thanks to a few talks, I listened to a few topics I would not have make myself look into otherwise (WebGL, distributed tracing). Some topics will even be handy in my bachelor thesis, which was a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, an extremely large percentage of the talks were hard to make head or tail of, so I did not understand what information the speaker was trying to convey."
Vašek Jančařík, Front-end Developer

"I liked the perspective of Dan Saffer from Twitter, defining what designs they want to go for in the future. They see it as trends = technology and culture. Which is very similar to Lunde. The talk on Designing Conversational UIS by Yael Keren from Clicktale introduced great tips and tricks to keep in mind when designing a " chatting" UI."
Jan Murin, UX consultant

" Unfortunately, most of the talks did not make the best of their potential. Many topics sounded interesting, but then the content was not too appealing or was comparable to an article you can read online in about 10 min."
Kristýna Kamenická, Front-end Developer

"Impressive opening in the form of a drum show. Occasionally minor technical problems with presentations and technology, which we took all too leniently. I participated in the conference years ago and the level of speakers and topics remained unchanged. Except for some, the speakers stay very much on the surface of topics. I appreciated the awesome puzzle corner – resolving them got us some beers as a reward. :)"
David Žák, UX Designer / online consultant

Videos from the conferences are available at: https://www.webexpo.net/videos/. We are happy to have been able to present our React – union project at the conference, and we are eager to see the next year’s conference.