Web integration has its own website


Lundegaard launched a new web dedicated to the topic of web integration.

Lundegaard has launched web-integration.info, where you will find information about web integration. The website consists of an info page and a blog, where authors contribute with articles related to the topic of web integration. The info page is also available in an optimized version for mobile devices.

The info page includes a clearly presented description of the term web integration and the role of a web integrator. Find out if your projects need a web integrator, what time and financial savings it can bring to you and how to choose one properly. Sections like 10 tips for a successful integration and the FAQ bring you extensive practical information. If you want to be kept up to date on the latest events related with web integration, follow @WIntegration on twitter – interesting new content will be added.

What is web integration?

Web integration therefore means the process connecting outputs of all activities and components necessary for implementing a web project as a whole. The partner, which guaranteees the project will run in accordance with the prepared specification and coordinates all the necessary activities, is called a web integrator.

Implementing a web project, such as a corporate web portal, B2B portal, e-commerce solution or a client area requires involving a wide range of specialists. It includes experts in marketing, communications, design, user experience and accessibility, SEO and SEM, project management, HTML coding, system analysis, software and technical architectures, development, testing, operation and many other specialties. All these fields can be included in web integration.

Selecting the right partner determines a successful project

Web integrator coordinates the work of all entities involved in a web integration project. In practice, these are mostly:

  • marketing, PR department of the client (agency),
  • internal systems administrator,
  • external data provider,
  • own or external development team,
  • solution operator,
  • external specialists.


The aim of the work of a web integrator is to bring all the mentioned entities across the whole solution with the primary focus on fullfiling all the defined benefits (commercial or other) to the client.