We Went With the Team To the First DX Camp


"DX Camp Vol. 1" Was Spent With Work And Fun In Jizerky.

We are a team of creative designers, eager analysts and seasoned online UX specialists. It was no accident we thought of organizing a weekend excursion to the Czech nature, following the example of our colleagues who regularly organize DevCamp.

After voting on the location and the particular accommodation, we set off direction North on Thursday, to the places where data coverage and connection are weaker - to Jindřichovice pod Smrkem.

We arrived quite well prepared at the first DX Camp, each of us having defined the topics to discuss, which we further sorted and developed. We got to do both the team retrospective (mad / sad / glad) and the outlook for the future, along with a revision of what services and values we want to offer to our customers next year.

All outputs and creative ideas were closely watched and directed by Honza Procházka aka Prochor (director of the Digital eXperience division, or simply ‘the boss‘), who was certainly, at least occasionally, delighted.

Another point of the programme was a special "micro design sprint", where we designed a new fintech-like product and its basic UX design for an unnamed client. Thanks to cooperation in two teams, we prepared a functional concept that we believe strongly will see the light of the world in the coming months.

As we were in a renowned cycling area - Singltrek under Smrk, the sporty part of the team did not miss this opportunity and thus the plan for Saturday afternoon was clear. Some came back with scratched knees, others with muddy clothes, but everyone took away a good feeling of their sporting performance. In order to give the burnt calories back to athletes, we did a proper barbecue and had quite some good drinks in the evening, which was appreciated even by the lazier ones. The gained enthusiasm and happy faces are visible until today; so, we are already planning to organize the second DX Camp, which we would like to make still this year, ideally in the autumn.

And how did Monika, Marika or Kuba enjoy the first DX Camp?

"We escaped the town bustle and office routine into a quiet and inspirational rural wilderness where we had the opportunity to do something together, with the full DX team, which is not always the case with client solutions.“
Monika Krišpínová, UX Designer & Researcher

"The DX Camp is for me the ideal combination of pro-client productive activities complemented by a fair bonding with colleagues. I am of the opinion that nothing will deepen working relationships like rap sessions at 3 am."
Kuba Churý, Head of Analytics & Performance

"I truly enjoyed the DX Camp! A bunch of great people who are cool and they know how to have a good banter. A beautiful environment has opened our heads to great ux ideas. I'm looking forward to the sequel. "
Mária Sedláková, Graphic Designer

"We managed to balance an active entertainment programme with working, and thus left in a good mood and with a specific outputs. So we must allow another trip soon! PS: Some surprised us with their innovation, some with their singing!"
Honza Procházka, Director Digital Solutions & Consultancy

We Went With the Team To the First DX Camp
We Went With the Team To the First DX Camp
We Went With the Team To the First DX Camp
We Went With the Team To the First DX Camp
We Went With the Team To the First DX Camp