We Have Become Partner Of Confluent


In July, Lundegaard became partner of Confluent, exclusive developer of Apache Kafka's open-source technology.

Confluent makes technology that fits into the concept of a distributed platform - Streaming Platform, which is able to process large data in real time.

Service provider partnership enables us to expand our portfolio of services and use a range of useful benefits to grow our developer and merchant experience, to help our clients find the right services and processes designed to make companies and their products more attractive to customers. The partnerships has, in particular, the following benefits:

  • Use of professional and business consultants directly from Confluent
  • Possibility to participate in the implementation of projects in EMEA region in the role of a partner
  • Access to up-to-date information, training, patches, and bug fixes
  • Apache Kafka and related technologies developer trainings and certifications
  • Business process support and training for sales representatives who help the customers look for the solution added value
  • Joint marketing support, event support, and marketing materials provision

Our company is currently working with Apache Kafka technology on Stream Data Platform, project run by Lukáš Matějka, head of the Brno branch. Lukáš attended Kafka Summit conference held by Confluence, in April in London. Apache Kafka as a distribution platform is key technology for switching companies to automated servicing of their offer / clients. It plays an irreplaceable part of corporate architecture in progressive development. In a world of vast amounts of data, fast processing and clear and relevant context displaying are key. We have used the technology for Lifetrace product, which provides technical monitoring for web portals.