We are turning into a joint-stock company


We keep on growing, and whilst doing so we are always getting ready for our further expansion. That’s why, starting in January 2018, we are changing the legal set up of our company from a limited liability company to a joint-stock company.

"The last few years, we have been working with our clients on large-scale transformation projects where we have been steadily more coordinating multiple parties and playing the role of the digital integrator. The transition to a joint stock company is a natural development and confirmation of stability for our clients and assures us that we are a trusted partner who also bears the appropriate responsibility. This form will also allow us more flexibility for further planned expansion," explains Ondřej Fatka, Lundegaard's partner.

The Lundegaard Joint-stock Company will become effective on January 1, 2018. The company's registered office remains as well as the Prague, Brno and Košice offices.

The way the projects work with our clients will remain unchanged. Clients and partners will also be informed about the change of legal form and any subsequent contractual changes or additions thereto.