We have developed a platform for concluding financial products contracts fully online


Lundegaard is about to complete the development stage of a unique platform designed primarily for consumer loan providers.

We have made use of our more than twenty years’ experience with designing and running large-scale digital solutions for financial companies to develop a platform that will enable new customers to completely set up a service without having to go to a branch or send signed documents in post.

The platform called KLUSTR Platform addresses the topic of innovative "onboarding" (acquisition and identification of new clients) and "underwriting" (evaluation of the client's creditworthiness, including obtaining information from credit registers). If required, the product can also cover account management, thus taking care of the whole credit topic life cycle.

KLUSTR Platform is a comprehensive product designed for a wide range of financial institutions - micro -lenders, non-bank consumer credit providers and banking institutions. Additionally, it is also suitable for other areas, such as operational leasing in automotive, telecommunication, and utility sectors.



The platform is coming to life in cooperation with other companies. We are currently completing the second phase of development and have already begun intensive negotiations with clients who are interested in having the platform implemented.

Learn more about the platform at www.klustr.eu