We Are About to Open a New Branch in Hradec Králové


Lundegaard is growing, this time towards Hradec Králové, where we are planning another development centre.

After the successful implementation of the offices in Brno, we are investing to create a pleasant working environment also Hradec Kralove, while the local developers are now working either in the Prague office, or having home office. We are currently planning the space and negotiating administrative matters.

The Hradec Králové colleagues are currently discussing what the new office space should look like:

Nová pobočka v HK

Our Hradec Králové developers, Jakub Kohout and Tomas Konrády, have been regularly meeting and working on the office looks, so that future staff members will happy to come to work. They have also found two new colleagues, who are excited to join them at the new branch. At the same time, they are looking for more partners in crime, who will add extra force to the team. You can check out here – who we are looking for.

The goal is to open the branch already at the beginning of June. So fingers crossed for the Hradec team, as well as good luck with looking not only for suitable spaces but also for new good colleagues.