Training of Creating HTML5 Banners


How to easily and without detailed knowledge of HTML5 create dynamic banners, and what tools to use? We explained this during the HTML5 banners training.

On 20 November 2015, the training of HTML5 banners basics took place for our client, who positively commented on the training: "The whole training was in a friendly spirit and we evaluate it very positively. It met our expectations and we look forward to a possible refresh".

The years when the creative department of digital and media agencies, graphic studios and specialized departments of the clients used Adobe Flash technology for creating dynamic web banners and ads are gone forever and the twilight of this technology is already well advanced.

For this reason, a client approached us with a desire to learn more about the upcoming HTML 5 technology, which is supported by web applications. All the training is divided into two parts, where you first get hands-on experience of the web tools and then we will let you produce an interactive banner. Creating banners becomes too easy for absolute beginners even without any knowledge of HTML.

With this training, you have a unique opportunity to get new experience of the world of HTML5 banners directly from the experts. If interested in this training, please contact us.

Training of Creating HTML5 Banners