The new website PRE kolo - půjčovna elektrokol [electric bicycle hire]


Company Prazska energetika launched a new project. It rents electric bikes through its website. Lundegaard participated in the project as a supplier.

Electrically-powered bicycles can be reserved and hired via the website. Under the scheme, which currently only operates in Prague, users have access to information about cycle trails of interest and the types of bicycles on loan from PRE.

The main aim of the project was to stimulate user interest in hiring electric bicycles and therefore conversions (i.e. reservations made). The project came into being as part of the company’s online public relations activities. For PRE customers, hiring a bicycle, which is fully-equipped, is 50% cheaper.

Lundegaard had the task of preparing the HTML template and settings on CMS LARS Vivo. It also carried out user training. The programming and website adjustments were carried out by PRE tself, thanks to the the CMS LARS Vivo LDK licence. The LARS Development Kit or LDK is the highest CMS LARS Vivo licence category. It is designed for companies that have several websites and want to manage and develop them themselves.


"The new půjčovny elektrokol [electric bicycle hire] of the Přažské energetiky website ( runs on the CMS LARS Vivo editing system. The website was created very quickly, with a significant contribution from Lundegaard, which was involved in creating a html template and sitebuilding. Lundegaard also helped with project coordination, fine-tuning and resolving errors."

Jaroslav Mařík, PRE