The Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies (AIFP) has a new website


The Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry (AIFP) launched its new website developed by Lundegaard.

The new web pages meet the goals set out by AIFP in the project specifications. The aim was to create a website that reflects the needs of the association, whose members are pharmaceutical companies that have developed new medicines. The website should be regarded as:

  • a source of relevant information for the general public and professionals in the pharmaceutical industry;
  • a trustworthy and reliable source of up-to-date information and comment for the media;
  • promoting the image of the association as an innovative, modern and open organisation.


The website contains a section accessible to the public, which introduces the work of the AIFP in terms of target groups – with emphasis on topical information and that can be easily found. This section features an on-line advice centre.

The members-only part of the website serves as an extranet for member companies and is a forum for sharing information and publishing internal materials.

A website version was also prepared for mobile devices and is available in Czech and English.

Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies

The Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies (AIFP) brings together companies carrying out their own research into and development of innovative medicines. Its members firms undertake to adhere to the AIPF Code of Conduct. The Association was established in 1993, under the name “International Association of Pharmaceutical Companies”, and is a member of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies and Associations (EFPIA). In 2013, 30 companies, manufacturers of new drugs, became members. You can find more information at