Second Lundegaard #DEVcamp took place in Sumava


Did the Devcamp sequel draw level with the winter one? There was huge interest in this event; the bar was set high and moved even higher.

The second DevCamp was profiled as very narrowly aimed. Our target was to develop a viable mobile application JIRA Tracker, i.e. software for tracking of work and its posting in JIRA system. Everybody had similar starting conditions. Participants were divided into three teams for development of Android platform, Ionic development and the third team had the widest scope with the plan of a multiplatform development with the use of Xamarin studio.

Compared to the winter romanticism, this time we reduced outdoor sport to sporadic smaller walks on the hills, on the contrary we used the cottage facilities, i.e. table football, darts, sauna, and the possibility to work in a “multi-shift operation”. Android team took the lead of the peloton from the beginning, after the sharp start, this team set a hot pace. All teams’ coordinators provided the supply of high-energy drinks, they massaged and brainwashed other race participants and generally they managed to keep cheerful and cooperative mood. The inspirational atmosphere bore fruit even at night when some participants were significantly successful with their keyboards and they tried to move closer to the goal.

A one-day shutdown of electricity became the imaginary technological icing on the cake. But even this did not stop us and thanks to LTE internet and backup batteries we were able to develop the mobile application even for clients fully!

The autumn DevCamp was successful again and despite some competitiveness between the teams, the cooperative and friendly atmosphere remained. The team borders were even broken more than once and each request for help was granted.