Redesign of Czech And Slovak Cofidis websites


Lundegaard helped Cofidis to implement the generation renewal of their web presentations.

One of the changes made by Cofidis was the redesign of its website. The main reason behind the change was to make the product portfolio easy to follow. Other aims included improving  the information service connected with the portfolio and creating a suitable interactive tool, both for expanding customer self-service system and for increasing convenience in responding to customer orders.

Aims of the redesign

  • Harmony with the new global corporate identity.
  • Making the product portfolio easy to follow.
  • A quality self-operated info-interactive service.
  • Providing support to brands and building trust in them.
  • Optimised web pages for use in mobile devices.

One of the key contributions made by Lundegaard in the redesign project for and was formulation of a detailed concept for the website changes. We also implemented specific functionalities, based on a thorough analysis of user behaviour.

In the preparation stage, emphasis was placed on changing the product website concept and optimising information architecture, so that users receive information reflecting their roles and level of readiness to take a step. In the early conceptual phases, a “clickable“ prototype was created for debugging and maximising user-friendiness. This prototype is now standard today and enables quick responses on real testing, without the need to generate more complicated changes to the final programme codes, in the last implementation stages. With regard to inclusion of the self-service interactive features, a number of product calculations and other demo-visual elements were made, which help users confirm their financial possibilities or find their way around non-bank loans.

Both our proposals for adjustments and the overall concept place emphasis on the effectiveness of the user experience. In essence, this increases client conversions, as Cofidis expected from the online channel.


The website is based on the CMS LARS Vivo system. This ensures not only content  management, but above all provides support for effective implementation of functionally specific parts. As a result, the web building platform functions in the solution are fulfilled.

Due to the use of already prepared components in the system, the entire redesign was carried out in three months. It meet the Cofidis requirements, including in terms of a highly flexible approach to the administration and development of web solutions in the future.