Radek Vít discoursed on the implementation using Magento platform at the Meet Magento conference.


In Prague was held the first international conference for entrepreneurs and developers Meet Magento CZ 2016, naturally, we participated among the speakers.

Among the speakers at Meet Magento CZ 2016 was also introduced Radek Vít, the PMO leader of company Lundegaard, who aimed his presentation at the implementation of enterprise e-commerce projects using the Magento platform.

In his presentation, Radek highlighted Magento Connect service in particular, since it allows users and developers to purchase hundreds of ready-made plug-ins and add-ons for the Magento platform. He explained to his audience that while using Magenta, it is not necessary to develop every functionality from scratch and work on finding one´s own solutions each time. It suffices to find and purchase a suitable premium plugin.

During the presentation it was also said that premium Magento plugins are often not only cheaper but also a considerably faster solution to some of our clients´ requirements.

Online marketplace Magento Connect allows our clients to shorten the time-to-market, which has a major impact on the return of their whole investment. Radek illustrated this fact with an example - he used a ready-made add-on M2E (Magento to Ebay) to connect an e-shop to both eBay and Amazon at the same time. Using these plugins in the development of e-commerce solutions enables a rapid penetration of global markets at minimal costs.

A very interesting point of his talk was the emphasis of benefits of agile development or rather methods of "a minimum viable product." With the help of their supplier clients should be able not only to determine the final form of the solution, but also to focus on the operational minimum. This is a new trend in e-shops creating, which focuses on the fastest possible start of sales and return on investment.

This approach ensures a faster feedback from users and allows you to:

  • respond to the comments at an early stage,
  • incorporate possible improvements based on suggestions,
  • perform A/B testing,
  • monitor users' behaviour in general,
  • determine possible hypotheses for further development.